Wedding Florist

22 Sep 2017

Weddings are a hectic organisational nightmare that can get even more hellish if not planned to the very inch. But going about it in a haywire manner will only make it tougher to plane. There is a logical flow to the issues that need to be tackled. One cannot book a florist before deciding the wedding dress. One cannot book a venue without making an approximate guest list. If you go about it randomly, you will walk into obstacles like a big place with few people or the vice versa. In the article, we handle the issues related to hiring and booking a wedding florist.

A look into the social media of a florist like Fleuriste's Facebook will definitely give you a small insight into the style and preference of the florist. But they will not answer small but crucial questions like do they offer to be particular about not using flowers the wedding party may be allergic to. It is these little queries that, as states, can make or break a wedding. The most important factor to think of when it comes to hiring a florist is – When. For most weddings, the answer would be minimum six months and maximum eight months before the date of the wedding. Here we are assuming that you have that much time to plan the entire event. When there are about four months left to the wedding, a contract should be signed by then.

Another way to answer this vital question of ‘when’ is by creating a flowchart of things that need to be accomplished before hiring the florist. The first is the site of the wedding ceremony. It needs to be finalised and booked because the flower décor will depend upon the size of the venue. Based upon the location one will have to decide if garlands will be needed or aisle decoration is important and other small topics like these. Even the number of arrangements that you will need will depend on the venue.

The same applies to the location of the reception. The table centrepieces, their style, and size will be dependent upon the area you have. If it is a large location then extra decoration for guest rooms, rest rooms and foyer might be required. Even the colour of flowers will need to be chosen as per the décor of the venue. By selecting flower arrangements beforehand, you run the risk of horribly clashing the colours of the site and flowers. Also, create a rough draft of the guest list. Because it is the total number of invitees that will tell you the number of tables you will need which will, in turn, tell you the number of centrepieces you will need to book.

The last but significant thing to do before deciding the wedding florist is to count the number of people in the wedding party. It is this number that will tell you the total number of corsages you need for the bridesmaids and the boutonnieres required for the groomsmen. If you are including the mothers, fathers, and grandparents in the wedding party, then be sure to count them too when finalising the flower arrangements.

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