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3 Aug 2017

With the advent of Windows 10, the Microsoft store has seen a major overhaul. There are some apps available on it that not only promise entertainment but are also very useful. As always it is the ads popping up from the apps that make the experience sour. A very creative solution to this nagging problem is to remove ads using lucky patcher apk. Lucky Patcher is an app that allows you to make modifications in an app on Android or a Windows system. All one has to do is download and install it. After that one can remove ads, alter permissions, make backups or get in-app purchases for free. The features are limitless when it comes to manipulating an app.

Given here is a list of latest apps that are in demand as per and can be made better with the patcher app for a smooth user experience. Since entertainment is one of the reasons consumers buy a laptop or a tablet, the top position in the list of apps that people are talking about is taken by Netflix. The full-streaming app allows a user to watch movies, songs and even exclusive serials. One can buffer them and watch in leisure. You can install it on many devices for a seamless experience. For example, you can continue watching last night’s episode while travelling through your phone!

With the rise of social media apps like Instagram, the perfect selfie and photo become a must. This has seen a rise in apps that allow an amateur edit and touch up photos easily. One of the popular apps on Windows is the TouchRetouch. Though a paid app, it is easy to use and has numerous options for boosting colors, applying filter, clearing marks. Though nowhere near Photoshop, the holy grail of photo editing, the app is simple to use and cheap enough. For those who do not like to pay for an app, PicsArt is the way to go. The free app allows beautifying photos by adding stickers and emoticons to them.

Keeping track of the weather is one of the common usages of a mobile phone. But with the app MyRadar now you can turn your Windows computer into an accurate weather gauge. There is N number of weather prediction apps available on the store. But MyRadar stands out from the crowd because it automatically locates the user's position and gives the low-down on the upcoming weather condition without any frills attached. With Windows comes the automatic association with work, therefore, it is hardly a surprise that Slack, a work productivity app, has seen demand. The app allows better teamwork by creating different channels for different projects. Colleagues can easily share photos, videos and documents and chat in real time.

It is the efficiency and use of these apps that have made them so popular and the talk of the hour. They have made our life easy, so go for it and if you are a Windows user to, tell us what other apps you think we should use!

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