Hunting Boots

13 Jul 2017

When it is time to buy your next pair of hunting boots narrow down your choice to location and season, you hunt. Based on the weather conditions you can pick the ideal choice. Modern hunting shoes come with weatherproofing technologies and high level of insulation. A hunt in the month of August will require a different set of boots when compared to hunting in the cold December when you need winter hunting boots. The hunting boots can be divided into three types, early season, midseason and late season. gives you ample tips to make the right pick this season.

Early Season hunting boots
When you are going hunting during the latter end of summer, and the first part of fall then keep two things in mind, comfort and heat relief. Just like how you choose breathable clothes for summer, similarly, choose breathing shoes. It is also wise to be careful to choose a waterproofing boot with GORE TEX or Dry Plus technology. While hunting in an arid region where there is no concern for moisture you can stop worrying about waterproof and go ventilated. Hiking boot style is suitable for the arid weather. For late summer or early fall, you can pick uninsulated boots that weigh up to 200gms. These boots are ideal for hunting uplands and also chasing mules.

Mid season hunting boots
Mid season is the most preferred season for hunting and covers the fall season. This is the most comfortable weather for hunting as it offers a wide range of weather conditions. The category comes with 400gm to 800gm insulated boots. These are ideal for the sedentary early hunting season, especially in the northern altitude. Though the mornings are a wake, the boot will not warn your feet. During this season the waterproof membrane has to be taken care of to make it versatile for all types of moisture conditions. Add heavy weight sock to insulate your boots during cold weather.

Late Season hunting boots
When the temperature is cold, and the snow starts you will need extra protection for your feet. Choose heavily insulated 1,000 gm level boots that are suitable for winter weather. These are ideal for sedentary activities. Now you can hunt below freezing point with the heaviest insulation hunting boots. Pac boots are ideal for such conditions; they protect the feet from cold air with their thick insulation and trapping liners. Hunting boots with 800-1,200 Gms insulation are ideal for spot and stalk hunts.

Active or Sedentary
Once you have identified the right boots keeping in mind the weather conditions it is important to choose one for active or sedentary hunting style. Premium soles with specialty footbeds are suitable for active hunts, particularly in the hilly terrain. These needs enhance support with traction soles for the balancing act. The best fit suitable for hunts comes with modern technologies to keep the feet dry and cozy irrespective of the weather conditions. Filter the hunting boots based on the terrain, season and personal requirements, and you are sure to enjoy every bit of the hunting process.

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